Sunday, December 30, 2012 scrap at least two layouts per month. 

I want to move all the pictures I have out of boxes and onto some cute pages!  And since we have been working on our house and my scrapping room was one of the areas to get a  complete makeover, ('s not totally done yet....But getting there!) I'm excited to actually be able to accomplish things without having to move piles to get to what I need.  Yeah!!

Will I follow through with the scrapbooking??  Well.....I did give myself a break already by making it 2 per month, instead of one a week! lol.....  And I have some new motivation and inspiration.  I've joined a group at and after checking out the galleries, challenges, sketches and such,  I want to do nothing but scrap now!! 

While I was browsing the gallery there, I found a great resource for layout sketches.  A place called Page Maps.  O....M.....Goodness!  How thrilled am I to have this as a 'go to'??  Way thrilled!!  I'm good with choosing the pictures, and fine with selecting the colors, papers, theme, embellies, etc.  But how to put it on the page???  Not so good.  Thanks a mil to Jamie for helping me find Page Maps. 

And for all you card makers....Page Maps has some card sketches, too.  Best of all, all the sketches are available with a month's worth (10 layouts) on one page as a PDF download!!  You guessed it!  I'll be printing a page at a time and putting them in a binder so I can refer to them in hard copy in the future. 

I'm making plans to sort through photos on New Year's Day so I can start scrapping right away!