Pink Bauble Earrings: Craftsy Class by Aga Kruk

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I really, really, really  like earrings.  Especially dangly ones...and big hoops.  There's just something about the swing and sway of some fun and pretty gems hanging from your ears.

And my little girls really, really enjoy choosing earings for me to wear.  They take turns and even though each one has their personal favorites, which tend to be chosen more often than others, they all recently agreed on one thing.

"Mom, you need new earrings."

Yep, they decided the selection was rather poor, and I should do something about it.

I've made myself earrings before, but was running out of ideas for anything 'new' and didn't want to make any of the designs I'd done previously.  Then I received an email from Craftsy for a contest, (This was a while ago!), where the winner would receive some classes from their wishlist.  Weeeelll...I didn't have any classes on my wishlist so I clicked on over to Craftsy and did some browsing.  I put a few classes on my list, and Wire-Wrapped Stones, Crystals and Clusters by Aga Kruk was one of them.

I didn't win the contest, but I did wind up purchasing this class and I'm thoroughly enjoying it!  For one thing, Aga and I share a Polish heritage.  I love listening to her accent! =)
For another, her designs are so fresh and lovely, and I wind up with lots of ideas flying through my head every time I watch a session.

These earrings are the result of the first project lesson, and I love them!  A bit of wimsy, a little romantic, and a whole lot of make and wear!

I've already started branching out and creating some of my own designs using the techniques Aga teaches in this class.  And I'm really looking forward to the next session.  Who knows what will wind up in my jewelry box next!