A great surprise!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, I was a little surprised to realize I hadn't posted anything here for three weeks!  But only a little.  All my scrapping activities had to go on hold while I take care of some pressing fiber activities, like 3 pounds of alpaca that I have to spin for a lady.  I do need to post some pictures of fiber and scrapping things I did do during that time, but I just wasn't able to do any challenges.  The deadline thing didn't fit lately!!

The great surprise for me was to log into my blog today and find a message from Monica at Handmade cards with love.  The message said she had left something for me on her blog.  "What could this be?",  I wondered, so I clicked on over there to find out.  Low and behold, she has passed on to me The Versatile Blogger award!

Now I'm supposed to share seven things about myself in order to receive this award.  Hmmm.....I'm so new in the land of personal blogging, that shouldn't be too hard!  I think! =))

1)  I hate heights. Just climbing a ladder to clean out gutters makes me shudder!

2)  Right now, purple is my favorite color.

3)  I grew up in the midwest.

4)  I wear size 11 shoes.

5)  I wear glasses, sometimes, contacts the rest of the time!

6)  I own 8 sheep, and 1 llama.

7)  And......I love chocolate! But that shouldn't surprise anyone since it's the best dessert out there! =)

Now...I'm a little at a loss for who to pass this on to.  I'm so new at this, that I have't become aquainted with too many other bloggers.  And it doesn't help that two of those I would have chosen were Monica herself, and someone else she already named.  =))

So I can only think of three other people to whom I would like to pass this award. 

Grace  at  http://th-ink-ingofyou.blogspot.com/

Linda   at  http://lovelylindascraftcentral.blogspot.com/

Marilynn  at  http://mississippi-mcgyver.blogspot.com/

These ladies have been very encouraging and inspiring, not only in the scrapping world, but also because they shine the light of Jesus so faithfully in what they do.  I hope, if they don't feel they can accept the award, they will at least receive the heart of gratitude with which it is given.



  1. Hi Elizabeth! Oh I'm so honored to receive this sweet award and especially the kind words and thoughts it was given with! I will post it when I can... understand it might be a while. I tend to pile them up and then do at once. :) You are doing a great job with your blog!!! I'd love to see your fibers! Don't know if you know Dawn Lusk (ODBD Design team) but she has Llamas and does fibers, 4-H, etc. I love seeing what can be done! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Cool, congrats! Thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad that Faith Art Friday has been ministering to your heart!

  3. Hello Elizabeth! Thank you so much for this lovely Award and your touching words! It is an honour for me to reieve this award - thank you so much! God bless you on this Blogging journey - it is a place to meet special people like yourself! Thank you again Elizabeth!
    Thank you too for your encouraging words on Faith Art Friday at Layers of Color! {{{hugs}}}


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