Friday, May 6, 2011

It's official......

.........I have ten followers!!

Now, if you look at the list I know it will tell you I have 11, but one of them is my daughter who lives with me and knows what I put up here, (she takes a lot of my pictures, as a matter of fact), so I don't count her!! =D

To celebrate, I have a little gift for each one of you followers.  A couple of the cards I have made recently have included some hand crocheted lace motifs on them.  I'd like to give each one of you a set of crocheted lace trims amd motifs as a Thank You for welcoming me to blogland in such a friendly, delightful way! 

Please contact me via email so I can mail these off to you!  And then I'll be watching and waiting to see what you do with them!


  1. Elizabeth, could you be any sweeter!! Bless your heart! You always have a kind word and really brighten my day in a BIG way by stopping by and having such a refreshing happiness about you :) You are a beautiful soul! You FINALLY have Happy Mail heading your way! I'm so, so sorry it has taken me so long - busy is an understatement, lol, but I hadn't forgotten - just couldn't "get it together" :) Blessings to you and Happy B'ltd Mother's Day, my friend! x0x0

  2. Sent you an email Elizabeth. Thanks so much for your sweet encouraging Words at my blog. I always am blessed by visitors!

  3. Hello Elizabeth - I alway love to see your name come up on the SSIC! I love the embedded embossing - it is so effective and I am going to have to give it a try! Gorgeous embossing folder too - love it! Your details are wonderful!! Love it! Thank you we playing along with the Stampin Sisters in Christ Challenge this week - we appreciate your support and always love to see you! {{{hugs}}}
    Linda SSIC Design Team

  4. hello Elizabeth .Thank you for the kind gesture and gift . I will send you another email with my snail mail address . thanks for sharing different embossing technique cant wait to try it .
    hugs shirley-Anne

  5. So you crochet too! I've got a couple of crochet patterns on my blog if you did deep enough. Also a picture of my doggie in a sweater I crocheted for her!


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