A New Year: Looking Back and Ahead

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I decided to start 2011 with a place to log all the things I do! =) I'll be posting here the projects I've been working on, plan to work on, hope to work on! OH, and the ones I finish, too! Maybe, this way I'll see how much I actually get done, and be a little more disciplined in the 'getting them done'!
I hope you find inspiration and encouragement here. And feel free to help keep me on track! =)
This is a quote from what I put in my sidebar last year when I started this blog.  My intention had been to use this as a place to track my varied fiber crafts, with the idea that I would be more motivated to work on them in an organized fashion if I was sharing them with others.

I included in the side bar a list of projects I was working on when I started this blog.  Some of them have been finished, others not.  Some of the finished ones were marked on here, some were not.  And.....there were others that I started during the year and completed, or didn't! =)

Unfortunately, I didn't use this blog to track, 'journal' or in any other way log what I did with my fiber crafts!!

Instead, as I found a wonderful community of paper crafters online, including many, many challenge blogs, I've used this as a place to 'hang out' with them.  It has been a fun, rewarding and encourging experience, one I plan to continue for this next year.

For any who are interested, I've been utilizing the features on Ravelry for tracking my fiber activities, and socializing over there with a great group of fiber artists.  Haven't left that part of me behind!  I've just found the best places for sharing the various interests I have! =))

Thanks to all of you that have become a part of my life here in blogland.  Each and every one of you has had an impact on who and what I am today.  May God bless all of you with Joy unspeakable and the Peace that passes understanding in the year of 2012.

Last but not least, I've created a new post signature.
I used elements from Sunshine Artz 'Darling Forever' kit and a lovely font from Open Font Library.

I may change it up a bit every now and then, but for now I like this one!

What do all of you think??



  1. Oh Elizabeth, Happy blessed new year to you! I hope this year brings you a multitude of blessings :)

    Loved your post! xoxo

  2. Happy New Year, dear friend. Loved reading your lovely post... so touching. I agree that blogland is such a great place. And hey, your signature is cool.

    Monica xxx


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