Documented Faith: A Stall??

Saturday, January 10, 2015

I really entered into this adventure with a lot of enthusiasm and ambition.

I'm not sure if it was reality bringing me down to earth from the clouds where I'd been soaring for a while, or if it was some stumbling because the enemy was trying to trip me.

Whichever the case, I've had a lot of reflecting, praying, searching and deep conversations going on this week.  I know God is doing great things right now, I'm just a little fractious over the fact that an uphill climb isn't a steady upward incline.

There are often little dips in the slope that actually cause you to go 'downhill' for a while.

This is a very good reason why we must remember to have God's perspective...

Documented Faith
Week One
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Some Verses
A Few Praises

This week's verse, as well as the Isaiah verse, have been a great foundation for me to start with this year.  It's the plans that God has for me that I need to focus on so I can really embrace WHO that makes me, in Him.  And I need to remember, the way is in the wilderness and the stream is in the desert.  Guess that means everything won't look so pleasant around me!


  1. I'm still impatiently waiting for my chance to get out to my studio. Son had to go to the doctor -- they think he might have epilepsy. Hubbin fell five feet off a ladder yesterday missing a step, landing on concrete (thankfully nothing was broken) and I packed up all my stuff for a trip out to the shed and couldn't find the keys. sigh! However, I'm getting new information right and left on my genealogy project, praise the Lord, so it isn't all bad! =0)

  2. By the way, I found this gal and started following her at Flickr when looking for something else. I believe she was or is doing faith art journaling -- she has some cool ideas too.

  3. I still don't have faith journal started -- can't find my keys to the shed. Hubby dug around for me tonight & he didn't find them, however, I did post some art on my gratitude blog -- something I scribbled in my Bible one time! Does that count? LOL! I also started a small list on the bottom of my craft blog of other faith art journalists that's I've found online -- not necessarily Documented Faith ones, but ones with the same general idea for inspiration.

  4. Got a message for you -- found it on Stephanie's blog -- thot of you after I read it.
    By the way, I've been sick all week. Going to the doc tomorrow. I think it may be a sinus infection. Decided to take a creative day in the house and read Stephanie's blog to find out more about her artwork. Been enjoying the read. I'm getting closer to getting out to the shed, but God is blessing me in other ways by sending me new-to-me relatives! D


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