My First Digital Scrapbook page!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Well, at least it's the first one I am posting somewhere!  =))  It is actually the third digital page I've made, and the second one I made today.  I'm posting this one because I like it better than the other one I made today.  And I don't at all like the very first one I made, although I can't bring myself to trash it yet!

I must say, I was so sure I wouldn't like this digital way of scrapping 'cause I really like the physical ripping and punching of paper scrapping.  And....I don't like the flat printed digital page.  Maybe I'll change my mind about that.  Maybe I'll just store them on a disc or something.  What I do know now is, that I totally liked getting two pages done in one day!!  And I love the way they look!  I may find myself trying to reproduce them in hybrid form......and I may not.  We'll see...............

Here's the page! (12 x 12)

Papers and elements from Diary Pages and My Fantastic Little World, both available from Sunshine Artz (
 Font: Pea So Lovely available from


  1. Gosh this is so so sweet! And it looks very realistic! Great start for you digi-scrapping.
    Love it!

    Hugs, Tabea

  2. Thanks, Tabea!! I had a lot of fun doing it. So much that I'm having to force myself to do some 'real work'! But I'll reward myself with more scrapping - digital and physical!! =)

  3. Oh what a lovely blog. And the diver is great. Unfortunately I am not able to add a divider to my blog because I can’t read the code. Yours looks wonderful…


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