Not a very good start! =(

Friday, January 21, 2011

I had great plans for the start of this year.  I haven't made it very far.

The fact that most of the household came down with a cold the first week of the year was the first bump in the road and my project plans were put on hold.  It takes a little while to catch up, so project plans stayed on hold!

I did manage to ply 4 oz of some wool I had spun as singles a l-o-n-g time ago.  (This is the 'Hershey' in my Spinning WIPs list to the right.)  It is the second skein of three that I will use to make a shawl for myself.  I eyed this wool roving for a long time before I bought it.  Then it sat for another long time before I found the perfect pattern for using it.  I started spinning with that pattern in mind, but it has been another long time finishing the spinning.  ={   I guess 'life' gets in the way more than my 'plans' say it should! lol  I've also been knitting a hat that someone commissioned from me.  Have to get that done and delivered next week.

On the paper crafting side of things, I joined a scrapping challenge-sort of!!  At the end of last year I found Faith Sisters digi scrapping site.  I noticed they had a challenge for scrapping the journey of your life.  Because mine had been full of trials for the last few years, I decided I was going to start 2011 with a new perspective and scrap the blessings God showered on me, focusing on the scriptures He put in my heart and mind along the way.  Then when I read about their new challenge for this year, the Providence 365 challenge, I decided to merge the two!  I have been working on the first layout using hybrid scrapping.  I just don't get as much time to work on it as I'd like.  I know I need to 'schedule' that time, like I do a lot of other things.  I'm getting there, just not helped by some 'unexpecteds'!! =(  I'm going to focus on that layout this weekend and plan to post a pic next week.

I needed a little pick-me-up today so I changed my blog background!  This new one is Whisper (3 column) from Shabby Blogs.  You might want to check out Megan's blog, too!

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