In a 'Nutty'shell: 2013 Jan-June

Friday, December 20, 2013

The first half of this year saw some firsts and lasts.

The Little Man had his first birthday in March, which was the last 1st birthday for a baby of ours.  That was the beginning of noting the milestones in his life, and the fact that they are the 'lasts' for this household....until some grandchildren come along!

This was also the last year we had my father-in-law with us.  He passed away in March, and although he is missed, we are glad he has gone to his Heavenly Home and is relieved from the sufferings he was experiencing at the end.

Wow!  March was really a full month!  It also saw DH and I celebrate our 10th Anniversary, two more family birthdays, and my attendance as a vendor at a Bride & Prom Expo.

And now that I think about it, I basically define the first half of the year by those events, or things related to them.  There isn't much else I take note of in those six months, except my father-in-law's memorial service at the beginning of June.

Which is part of the reason for this recap, and my approach to blogging for next year.

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. Thanks for sharing the year's happenings with us and I am glad that you feel relieved that your FIL is with the angels now and beyond all suffering. My 97 year old mother in law is down with a stroke and a broken hip bone and even with her attitude of never say die, the angels are beckoning her to their side. I hope she releases herself and so do her children of this pain.
    So glad that you took part in an event as a vendor and somewhere I read that you are an SU demonstrator now. Wonderful that is.
    May you have countless anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate and may Christmas and the new year bring much peace and joy to you and yours.

    Take care,


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