In a 'Nutty'shell: July to December

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here I am, squeeking this one it at the very end of the year! =)

We currently have Little Ones settling in for some Thomas the Train and Curious George movie time before they drift off to sleep, (unless they actually hold out to see in the new year!).  The Big Ones and I will be doing a Scarlet Pimpernel marathon, 1934 and 1982 versions.  The DH is working....Big Frown!

But, before we move on to those festivities, I've dropped in here to recap the last half of the year 2013.

There doesn't seem to have been many things that happened during that time outside of the normal!

We canned a lot of tomatoes: as sauce, juice, salsa . . . and for the first time ~ ketchup!  I am not a fan of commercially canned anything, won't eat store bought pickles, and have now added ketchup to that list. Well, to be honest, I hardly ever ate store ketchup anyway.  As a matter of fact, I used to say I don't like ketchup!  But I now know it's only commercial ketchup I don't like!  We'll be canning a LOT more of it next year, since we ran out this time after only a couple of months.

DH took a job working night shift, 8pm to 8am, three days on, three off.  That has been a big adjustment for us.

Wow! I think that about sums up the highlights of 2013 . . . and leaves me with a new page to start 2014 on.

Happy New Year!
May Love and Blessings flow to you and your loved pnes in 2014!



  1. Hi Elizabeth
    We used to have our own vegetable garden and fruit trees , and a cow so that made us very self sufficient when the children were toddlers and I believed then , as you do now , that food especially is always better home grown and home made
    Warm wishes for a New Year that brings to you and yours much joy .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  2. Elizabeth so good to hear from you! Thank you for stopping by. Praying that this next year brings you great spiritual blessing from the Lord.


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