Documented Faith 2015: Getting Started

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It all started with this post on my blog ~ here ~ where a friend made a comment.

Which lead me to ~ this post here ~ on her blog.

And then, to ~ this post here.

And now, you are about to follow the rest of the story as it unfolds.  Yes, I joined Stephanie, my friend Rushed Lady, and many others for Documented Faith 2015.

God is so good to bring to us the things we need, at just the right time.  And Documented Faith is one of those things.  This past year has been one of many where I was battered and bruised by an enemy who never fights fair!  But the whole time I have been clinging to a promise God gave me in 2011.

So many times I have thought I was seeing the fulfillment of that promise, but then the rug was pulled out from under me.

Ah! Yes!!  The epitome of 'the trial of your faith'.  I've matured in many ways through these years, and I'm looking forward ~ yes, I said 'looking forward' ~ to what this next year holds. 

I don't expect any less battles, but I do still have Faith ~ hope for the unseen.  Maybe this is the year that promise will be fulfilled.  I know it will be a year where I celebrate me ~ The Me that is a Princess ~ a daughter of the King of Kings, and that in itself is going to make it a year worth remembering.  But now I have a group of other women who are walking the same path, that of Faith, however that plays out in their lives, as a support group.  There is comfort and strength in those numbers.

So ~ sit back, grab a cuppa, and hold on!  This could be a bumpy ride.  Or it could be a 'Happily Ever After'.

Maybe it will be a little of both.

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Documented Faith 2015


  1. You are further along in your notebook than I am at the moment. We've hit our first bump of the year -- went to do dishes yesterday and the faucet went like a geyser, so David finally got it pulled off, water everywhere, on him, me, under the cabinet, on the floor. We had planned to go get some insulation foam for my shed/studio to put under the floor, so the new heater my mother bought for my birthday would work more efficiently, so we went to get both. So after purchasing both, came home, got the first faucet on and discovered it was defective at the last point and David popped his lid. LOL! So it had to come off and taken back to the hardware store, get another, put that one on, he apologizes for getting mad and I do three loads of laundry (towels we used to mop up), set up the fan to dry everything out and we go play games with his family. Today he is to put up the foam for me, then the work begins -- arranging and sorting all my goodies in there so I can play! *wink*

  2. Oh my! That makes our first bump look like crumb. lol We took out a second door into the upstairs bathroom, (access from bedroom to bathroom, but very inconvenient postion), to use it on the downstairs bathroom, and then put up drywall to finish off the hole in the wall. DH bought 1/2" and had it cut before takingout the door. found out plywood had been used to shim the opening, and was cut to the wall depth of stud + the drywall, which means the pieces he cut are too small. To top it off, the wallboard on the bedroom side is 1/2", but on the bathroom side it's 5/8". Yep! Made a trip to Home Depot today! ;)
    NO where near as big a problem as yours. I'm so glad you got it all fixed and were able to have some fun after the fact! I'll be looking for pictures of the studio when you have it all set up to play!

  3. LOL! Well, hubby went out today to add the foam insulation that we bought at Home Depot yesterday. He was able to get three sides done. When he was buying a whole sheet, I asked him how we were going to carry it home in our PT cruiser, so he had it cut into halves width wise. I said that won't fit in the back and he said yes, it will. I wisely shut-up and after he discovered I was right. . . the rest had to be cut down to fit into the back. *wink* I think I have a photo of my playroom shed on my craft blog. I'll pull it up for you.


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