In a 'Nutty'shell: 2014 in Review

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Well . . .

There wasn't a whole lot going on in my blog this year. 
I started out with some scrapping, dropped in now and then to share a project, and then decided, toward the end of the year, that I was going to be more consistent with my blog.  Which now becomes the resolve for this next year.

My word for this past year was 'Diligence'.  Although my presence here has been sporadic, and really, my efforts in several areas of life this past year have been so, I still feel I have arrived at the end of 2014 with a better grasp of that word, and how I need to implement it regularly.

One of the things that helped me with that was a goal-setting webinar I saw, given by Amy Porterfield and Michael Hyatt.  It was very encouraging, helped me organize my thoughts and how to act on them in the coming year and confirmed for me that many of the traits I have that some people consider to be 'perfectionism' or 'controlling', are really just a good grasp of the details that are part of a project or situation, and how to move through those to accomplish a goal.

I'm really looking forward to 2015, not only because I'm joining many other ladies for Documented Faith, but also because it's a chance to take what I've learned this year ~ the seeds planted, and put them into action next year ~ see the flowers bloom!

Fairwell 2014!

See you all next year! 


  1. I wish you luck in 2015. I enjoyed that same webinar with Amy Porterfield! I look forward to seeing more on your site! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Pretty pages! I crochet and sew too and have done a little ceramics and painting. Paper arts is my newest passion! :)

  3. And you know I like history too -- I'm the History Nut of Missouri! =0)

  4. Dug out that photo of my shed studio for you. It's here:

  5. Happy New Year, Elizabeth! I hope that 2015 brings you your heart's desires. The project pages are beautiful.


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