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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yes, you can now host all your images with Google and then place them in all the fun and funky places on your blog using the 'codes' that are available from all the blog experts out there!!  And really, I can't take any credit for this since I discovered all of this info by accident! =)

I will be posting a page (which will show in the top tabs) as I gather all this info.  Each update will have a date attached to it so you will know how current the info is!

The basic 'Need to Know' is that, every blogger blog now has its own web album in Picasa, which is hosted by Google.  Every picture you post to your blog is in that album!  And I even found some info in the Google Blogger help that tells how to put your own original background onto your blog by hosting it on Picasa and using CSS.

My post divider is hosted on Picasa and linked in CSS.

Whee!  More room for originality and creativity!!

Check back over the next few weeks for the 'Blogging Help' page!

[Sorry I can't get all the info up sooner, but I do have to be wife and Mom, too!]

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